When I merge in you, I become a new me!

Finally, I decided to travel solo for the first time. Foraying to an unknown place, I was a little nervous, with no action plan or timelines in mind. Even though I doubted my decision a hundred times, I was FREE.

kasol himachal pradeshROOTS helped me plan my first trip as I embarked on a solo journey to Kasol, unaware of the conversations I will hold with myself and people around. I stayed in a camp, explored this little hamlet through unknown paths and ventured into an untouchable village called MALANA. We remember places. But more than that, we remember all the things that change a little bit of within us. That morning, while the whole camp was still asleep, I was up and so were the mountains and water. I walked till the river stream near the camp and sat on a big rock next to it.

kasol riverThe silence was romantic, embracing me and my 60000 thoughts. I was in conversation with the water, looking at the texture of the rock and its colors. The way water touched the rock, the way ripples were playing hide and seek – I could feel every moment.

kasol solo tripSometimes we forget to see the small beauties of nature in our life. Just like we always notice the big rocks (events in life) but forget to see the ripples that are getting made (the small moments of joy). We forget to see the colors, the ripples, the shadows that is giving company to these big rocks and yet exist distinctively together.

painting himalayas kasolIt added a new meaning to myself and suddenly made me appreciate the small things that existed as a silent companion like my coffee mug, the window, my bag. And my relationship that always went unnoticed suddenly became special to me. I can’t thank enough to this wonderful group called ROOTS: Travelling Unplugged which not only motivates us to plan trips but offers some unforgettable experiences. You can find them here on Facebook

Experience Shared by Saumya Kumar

Saumya is a brand manager by profession, a pep talker by attitude and an artist by heart. She believes that life is a story and it needs to be enjoy frame by frame.