Happiness is … Travelling !

In 2011, the United Nations recognized happiness as a fundamental goal, and, every year since, has called for people around the world to observe an International Day of Happiness on March 20. To celebrate, we asked individuals who have taken a trip with ROOTSVIDA.com to tell us, on Facebook, how the act of travelling has made their lives happier. Here are five of our favourite stories –

Sukriti, the adventurous one we would say, believes, “If there is one thing travel has taught me, it is that you can fall in love multiple times. A Pushkar does not mind that a Chandratal Lake has a piece of your heart. But everytime that I have been to the hills with Roots, I have felt this never- ending urge to meet new people, and continuously be humbled by God’s creations.” Going back to the memory lane, she adds, “The open air movie screening, the ghost stories, the bonfire on Christmas eve in a little village called Saur, under the biggest moon I have ever seen- that is unforgettable for me. Happiness is every single one of those moments I have spent with you guys.”

Sukriti shares her experience from the Trip to Saur with Roots

Another bubbly traveler, Ankita shares, “Of course for me  it was ‘reaching the peak’ in Tungnath trek. The clouds passing by me and the view from the top was mesmerising. She also feels  that  every ‘travel experience’ of mine with ‘ROOTS’ be it comfort, hospitality or just traveling randomly with new folks has always been my happiest moment.”

Ankita shares her experience from the Trip to Tungnath with Roots

Mansha has been the queen of Roots trips. Incidentally she thanks Roots for pampering on her last trip to Binsar. In her words, “ You guys had stopped the “Government Volvo Bus” for me for an hour so that I don’t miss my trip and spoil my New Years!!”

Mansha shares her experience from the Trip to Binsar with Roots

Rahul, an enthusiast when it comes to meeting new people on the trip, puts his thoughts together on what happiness means to him. “Happiness is a high, a mushy feeling that you get when you least expect it. And when i close my eyes, with a deep breath, many such moments are played on a video reel. But…when in rome, do what romans do.”

So when we asked him to share one of the happiest moments on a trip, he said, “If i’d have to pick from the bunch, I’ll pick the smile I saw on the face of a lady on one of the trips. From the point when she wasn’t sure of walking too much to the point when she trekked throughout the trip, from the point when she didn’t talk much to the point when she told stories about her bike rides in Ladakh. A feeling so blissful, I recall it everytime when I think I am a useless potato.”

Binsar party
Rahul shares his experience from the Trip to Binsar with Roots

Varun is one of the most jovial person on the trip. He explains how he felt on his trip to Tungnath with Roots as “Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature’s peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. The winds will blow their own freshness into you, and the storms their energy, while cares will drop off like autumn leaves.”

Varun shares his experience from the Trip to Tungnath with Roots

And we continue to make more such memories with people who love to travel. So we will continue to give you excuses to travel, and share our stories in the hopes that you will be encouraged to seek out new places. And we hope that you all travel and discover new corners of the world – be it a shop across town or a waterfall on the other side of the world.

Happy Travelling !

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