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Dec 30 & Dec 31 - 2017

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About us

Travellers by default. We have been called a lot of names… Nomads. Explorers. Vagabonds. Adventurers. Wayfarers. Gypsies. Wanderers. And we’ve adopted them all. Away from the busy roads as we continue to wander and reincarnate, our relationship with travel offers salvation to our soul. Writing love letters to travel as we embark on a journey to explore the unseen, muse on solo travels or our tryst with the lens, all our memoirs are penned and captured. ROOTS, has started its voyage in search of reliving the historic emotions, foodies have their tastes of life and photographers have their point of view all through the trips. Backpacking to hunt for an experience of the best adventures offered by the world, soon to be replaced by another adventure. That is who we are. And that’s just the gist of it. Be a part of ROOTS, and you can reincarnate to create an odyssey of your soul!


  • Rahul Sharma
  • Anchal Jain
  • Abik hirawat
  • Carol Suh
  • Snehashish vats
  • Rooban Chakkarvati
  • Ron Labeau
  • Anchal Jain
  • “Phenomenal. Great locations added with "funtaastic" activities, an array of breathtaking views and a whole lot of fun people what makes this group a group you should travel with.”

    Rahul sharma
  • “We’ve heard this too many times, that the journey is more important than the destination. And travelling with Roots, you’re guaranteed a fun filled ride! The carefully planned trips to gems of destinations leave you with a big never ending smile and memories that you can’t stop sharing.”

    Anchal Jain
  • “I have traveled with them to spiti valley (one step closer). It was an amazing experience. Very well organised in all aspects. The accommodation and food were good. When I started the trip we were a bunch of people meeting for the first time and by the end of it I can surely say I have made great friends. The whole journey was beautiful. A cherished trip indeed. I would recommend everyone Roots to explore new cities and yourself. ”

    Abik hirawat
  • “Its was amazing to see India from the eyes of roots. Being a foreigner I never felt that I am alien in the group ,but when you need them they are there. exploring india while interacting with an enthusiastic and super friendly group of travellers is an awesome experience . Good luck for you future endeavours.”

    Natasha Montes
  • “A bunch of good people who help you to travel different places and make good friends for life. Respect respect respect ”

    Snehashish vats
  • “I had one of the awesome and adventurers with good people around me.The best part is I don't understand hindi and they made me very comfortable through out the trip”

    Rooban chakkarvati
  • “An honest approach to create a wonderful bunch of memories, while adding new colors to travel diaries!!!”

    Vidit Ghai
  • “A delightful Journey with a bunch of fun filled people. Great Food , Lovely chats and happy people makes travelling worth. Cheers Roots Team!”

    Anchal Kainthola